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June 19 2016


How to Get Your Ex Back

Guys always go through a lot when their girlfriends leave them and some times wish that they would come back. Most guys go to an extent of buying publications of how to get my ex back. In many cases, this publications do not help that much. I have included a small guide below to help get your girl back.

The firs ting you need to do is to talk to your female friends about your feelings about her. Girls often have insights that guys will not. This is good for feeling better about everything, as well as advice for how to move forward 
Never get sucked into an argument with her, no matter what is said. Be firm, but don’t get angry. Depending on what happened she might be very upset. You have to keep your composure. This is harder said than done, but if you work at it, it is possible.
Don’t necessarily do what you see done in movies or read in love stories. Do what feels real to you. That means, don’t think you have to send her big gifts or dozens of  roses. Listen to what your heart tells you.  
Respect, but don’t over analyze the past. Be optimistic about the future. What is done is done, so don’t keep pulling out problems from the past that nothing can be done about. Some things are better left behind in the past. When you do get to talk to her, stay out of the past. Focus on the future.

Don’t change your mind. You will confuse her and lose trust if you say one thing, then say another, or worse, do another. Make sure you think carefully before opening your mouth and make sure you say is serious.  
You will be held accountable for it later! Stand by whatever you say, right or wrong. This is why it is so important to think before you speak. If she dates somebody it is not the end of the world. Many guys think if a girl goes out with somebody else than all prospects of getting back together are all over.  
Chances are thought that this is simply not the case. Think about how many dates with girls you’ve gone out with have gone nowhere. 99% of them, right?  
You have nothing to worry about. This is often a natural reaction for a girl who has just broken up with someone.
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